3 Tips to Effectively Tell the Story of your Career Change

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Are you considering a career change? Perhaps to a different industry?

Many people would like to make a career pivot but are unsure how to take their previous experience and demonstrate they can do a job that seems “unrelated.”

On one hand, a career change is exciting. But it can also be terrifying.

Many career changers question themselves and whether they have the knowledge and abilities to successfully pivot.

Our Identities Are Tied To Our Jobs

For many of us, our identities are closely tied to our professions.

Leaving one industry and moving into another one can leave us wondering if we are selling out. Are we changing too soon? Have we given it enough time?

There is also the question of Am I qualified to do anything else?

And then, of course, many are left wondering what others will think and how to explain it to parents or spouses or co-workers.

Telling Your Personal Narrative

Episode 19 addressed how to craft your personal narrative so that people can get to know who you are as a professional.

When pivoting or making a major career change it’s important to take your story one step further and explain why it makes sense that you are making a change to your career.

Here is one easy way to tell a story that acknowledges your past experiences and accomplishments and apply those to what you would like to do moving forward:

Start off by talking about what motivated you to pursue a career in your previous field. It may have been a problem or challenge or struggle. Or a particular interest.

Explain what prompted the desire to change fields. Perhaps it was an experience that you had. Maybe the pandemic led you to realize there was something you wanted to accomplish you haven’t done yet.

Whatever you decide to use as your reason behind making the change, make sure it builds a bridge between what you did previously, and what you are looking to do in the future.

Articulate why what you did previously will benefit you in this new role or industry moving forward.

Credibility is Key

Ultimately, employers want to know you have the skills and abilities to add value and solve a problem they have.

If you can demonstrate that by showcasing your past experience and explaining how you expect to harness that and apply it in the future in a new role, organization, or industry, you should be able to make yourself stand out from the crowd.