Want a New Job in 2022? 5 Convincing Reasons to Start Job Hunting Now

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Do you want a new job in 2022? If so, then start job hunting now!

Traditionally, January and February have been the most popular hiring months. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to start applying.

Many job seekers put off their job search until after the holidays. But if you start job hunting now, you might begin your new job before others even do their first interview.

The Great Resignation Continues

If you aren’t already aware, 2021 was dubbed the year of The Great Resignation. And expectations are that The Great Resignation will continue well into 2022.

Due to the lull in hiring and the rash of lay-offs that took place in 2020, many people delayed searching for a new job.

Since the job insecurity that was rampant during the pandemic has more or less passed, many people feel now is the right time to make a career change.

In short, more people than ever want a new job in 2022.

January and February are the Most Popular Hiring Months

There are a few reasons the start of the year brings with it a surge in hiring:

  1. Many organizations introduce new budgets in January. This may result in additional funds to hire staff.
  2. In December, as people are taking time off, reduced manpower may mean there aren’t enough people available to adequately screen candidates. When employees return from the holidays, interviewing is easier to schedule.
  3. Candidates often put their job search on hold during the holidays. As a result, the candidate pool slows down. If companies don’t find a suitable applicant, they delay making a decision.

While January and February are big hiring months, that does NOT mean you should put off job hunting until then.

Here are 5 convincing reasons to start job hunting now if you want a new job in 2022:

Companies Need Seasonal Staff

Many companies continue hiring, and in some cases, even increase hiring during the holidays.

Certain sectors, such as retail, hospitality, and tourism, need additional staff at the end of the year to deal with the holiday rush.

While online shopping is more popular than ever, brick-and-mortar retailers are still in high demand and need retail associates to provide customer service.

Even for fully online businesses, they often need staff to help with inventory control and shipping to get their products sent to customers.

With borders opening up, people are traveling this holiday season. That means airlines, hotels, transportation companies are hiring staff.

And regardless of travel restrictions, restaurants, bars, and catered function venues expect to see an increase in customers, and thus, are looking to hire either full-time or seasonal staff.

Slow Downs are the Ideal Time to Hire

For organizations where business slows down during the holiday season, this is an ideal time to focus on other tasks, such as hiring.

For instance, if the CEO is often out of the office, traveling and meeting with clients throughout the year, her schedule may be less hectic around the holidays. That means now is an ideal time for her to help with hiring decisions.

The added benefit to hiring people before the end of the year is that the company can start off 2022 with its full staff in place.

Forecasting and Planning for the New Year

Like individuals setting New Year’s resolutions, companies decide on new quarterly goals or yearly goals in December.

Forward-thinking managers are likely planning and forecasting for next year right now. This could include looking at their teams, figuring out if someone needs to be replaced, and filling that hole.

It may also involve examining new initiatives or projects planned for next year. If they need someone with a specific skill set, they may decide to expand the team and hire someone with that knowledge.

Less Competitive Applicant Pool

Another reason to start job hunting now instead of waiting until after the New Year is because there may be fewer people in the applicant pool.

Some hiring managers wait to review applications until a certain date or after a designated number of applications are received. Smart managers know they need to act quickly if they see a high-quality applicant.

Quite simply, every day a recruiter waits to invite an applicant for an interview, the chance they will lose that individual increases exponentially.

Some hiring processes move very quickly at the end of the year because employers want to extend offers and receive positive responses before the holidays.

By doing this, they know who is on board at the beginning of January.

Another benefit to completing the hiring process in December is that an offer can be extended and accepted, and the new hire can put in notice if they are resigning. That means there is almost no downtime between filling the position and the new employee’s start date.

Hiring Managers May Be More Generous

Finally, the holidays tend to bring out the best in people. The same may be true for hiring managers.

Hiring managers may be more empathetic and thus, willing to take a risk on a candidate.

Right now, employers are handing out holiday bonuses to their employees. That generosity could lead to a signing bonus or other unexpected perk for a new hire.

Start Job Hunting Now if you Want a New Job in 2022

Ultimately, there is no real reason to put off a new job search.

If you want a new job in 2022 start now. It may not turn into an offer before the end of the year, but it could.

At the very least, start putting your job application documents together.

Lay the foundation by getting active on LinkedIn. And network with the right people who can help you with your job search.

Good luck!